Rural-Texas.Com® is committed to protecting your privacy. Below you will find our privacy notice we have adopted for Safeguarding your privacy.

OUR PRIVACY COMMITMENT TO YOU At Rural-Texas.Com®, we are committed to providing you with products and services to meet your needs. That commitment includes protecting personal information we obtain about you (referred to as "information" in this notice). We want to earn your trust by providing strict safeguards to protect information about you as we continue to bring you valuable products and services. Please read this notice for some important information about your rights.

OUR PRIVACY PRACTICES Our Information Sharing Practices Apply To:· Customers · Former Customers · Applicants we Collect Information From:· Applications, questionnaires and other forms you submit, such as your name, address and personal financial data · Your transactions with us and others, such as account balances, fees, payment history, parties to transactions, and credit card usage · Credit bureaus (to determine your eligibility for credit or other financial products) · Public sources, such as census data and real estate records · List vendors; membership lists, Web-based tools when you visit our Web sites, such as "cookies" We May Disclose Information Described Above To:· Companies in our corporate group · Other financial services providers, such as credit bureaus, insurance companies and business partners in joint marketing agreements · Others, such as non-profit organizations, and third parties when you direct us to share information about you.

OUR SECURITY PRACTICES We Have Safeguards To Keep Information Confidential and Secure: · We have up-to-date physical safeguards, such as secure areas in buildings; electronic safeguards, such as passwords and encryption; and procedural safeguards, such as customer authentication procedures to prevent ID theft. · We restrict access to information about you to only those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. · We carefully select and monitor outside service providers, such as mail vendors, who have access to customer information, and we require them to keep it safe and secure. We do not allow them to use or share the information for any purpose other than the job they are hired to do. · We train our employees on these security procedures, and we conduct regular audits to check on compliance with the procedures.

YOUR OPT-OUT CHOICES Your Rights: You may tell us not to:· Disclose information about you outside our corporate group of companies, except we may disclose information as required or permitted by law. (Required disclosures are made, for example, to outside auditors and banking regulators. · Disclose credit data (i.e., financial data we get from credit bureaus or from you that helps us determine your eligibility for credit) about you within our corporate group of companies; we do not disclose credit data outside our corporate group of companies. · Solicit you by mail, telephone, or e-mail for products and services that are not directly related to our business and that are outside our regular communications with you . How To Opt Out: You may opt out of one or more of the three choices described above: · Call us 972-338-5263, Internet (e-mail) opt out: Please have your account info available. For each Rural-Texas.Com Account you recieve communications on, if you have previously opted out and would like to keep the same preferences, you do not need to opt out again. Joint/Multiple Accounts:· If you have a joint account, your opt-out applies to every person on the account. · If you have multiple accounts with us you must opt out separately for each account. If your state's privacy laws provide for different rights or require a different procedure in order for you to exercise your privacy rights under those laws

WHY WE COLLECT AND SHARE INFORMATION: By knowing more about our customers, we and our business partners can provide specialized products and services that may be of interest to you and your family. We can help protect you from identity theft and fraud by verifying your identity when you communicate with us and when you make transactions. Also, by using "cookies" when you visit our Web sites, we learn about which parts of these sites consumers find most useful.

PRIVACY AND SECURITY TIPS TO PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT: · Protect your information: Never give your Social Security number or personal credit information over the phone unless you initiate the call. Keep your personal identification number (PIN) and password in a safe place. Try to memorize your PIN and password and do not write them down with your account information. · Destroy or securely store your account records: Tear or shred receipts, bank statements, and unused credit card offers. Keep billing statements and other account-related documents in a safe place. · Regularly review your credit report: Order a copy of your credit report at least once per year [see www.FreeCreditReport.com] and report any mistakes to the credit bureau agency and the creditor reporting the information. Keeping your credit report error free is important. Sometimes, there is a small fee for ordering your credit reports, but if you've been denied credit within the last 60 days, the credit report is free.

The three national credit bureau agencies are: Equifax - www.equifax.com, 1-800-685-1111 Experian - www.experian.com, 1-888-397-3742 TransUnion - www.transunion.com, 1-800-916-8800·

Check your billing statements: Review your statements thoroughly. Call all your creditors immediately if you notice incorrect transactions. · Call all of your creditors immediately if you lose your credit card or suspect that someone has stolen your account information.